Dyfi Bike Park

Dyfi Bike Park

Trail Grades at this centre:

Black - Severe Black - Double Diamond Black - Triple Diamond

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Dyfi Bike Park Summary

A new MTB centre in South Snowdonia built and run by Dan Atherton – a professional racing cyclist specialising in downhill, four cross and enduro-downhill mountain bike racing, and is a former national champion of Great Britain. He began riding BMX at the age of 15 and mountain biking a year later.

Trail Centre Details

A newly opened downhill Bike Park in the Esgair Forest near Machynlleth to rival Antur Stiniog further north.

There are currently four downhill routes of varying difficulty, with difficulty being the operative word here. These are designed by professional MTB riders, and are suitably challenging. There is a red route under construction.

Once you pay for your daily pass, the number of uplifts are unlimited and take around 11 minutes. The runs themselves varying from 5-10 minutes in duration, so you’ll be able to get loads of runs in with a single day pass.

As the trails are highly technical, they recommend that you’re fully kitted out with full face helmets and knee pads. No under 12s are allowed, and children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Featured Image – Photo by freewheels74 on Trendhype / CC BY


Dyfi Bike Park Opening hours

Dyfi Bike Park currently open at weekends only.

The gates open 9am with continuous uplift 10 – 4pm (or 3:30pm in deep winter) with the gates being locked at 5pm.

Parking and Fees

Parking is free, but you’ll need to pay for uplifts. You’ll need to book in order to ride. Prices are £36 a day or £72 for a weekend Uplift Pass, which includes unlimited uplifts in their landrovers.  You’ll need to book online.

MTB Routes at Dyfi Bike Park

MTB Trail Videos and Gallery

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