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Ride Details

The Cli-machX is unlike the other Mach Trails, and more like a traditional MTB centre route. Nestling in the Dyfi Forest at Ceinws, this is a tough red route. 

The full route is a 15km round trip, with 9km of built single track with compressions and whoops, rock slab drop offs and some beautiful flowing turns. The last descent is one of the longest in Wales and features rocky jumps. The finale is a sequence of eight huge berms following quickly after each other. Hit them high enough and fast enough and they ride really well, but don’t look down!

We love Dyfi Mountain Biking’s vision for the routes in the Dyfi Forest. They intend to add more singletrack but rather than waymarked and named trails they intend to provide a network of trails that can be used to build your own day out. We like the fact that this’ll mean a bit more navigation and thinking compared to your usual trail, but maybe that’s just us!

Ride Map and Elevation Profile

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Remember that you can download the GPX File for the MTB route above and use in your GPS device or on your favourite mapping app. We’ll have a run down of how to use GPX files on your MTB route soon. 

Base Summary: Dyfi Valley Mountain Biking

Community run MTB routes that start directly from the town of Machynlleth, with the Cli-machX starting from Ceinws a few km to the north with a quiet country lane ride on the National Cycle Route 8 to get to. The routes involve a bit more road riding that the other MTB centres, with only the Cli-machX providing a pure off road trail. While the other routes do have the dreaded road sections, they make up for this with sections of wilderness that none of the pure mtb centres can compete with.

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