Revolution Bike Park – Llangynog

Revolution Bike Park – Llangynog

Trail Grades at this centre:

Red - Difficult Black - Severe Black - Double Diamond

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Revolution Bike Park – Llangynog Summary

Revolution Bike Park was opened in 2011 by two brothers looking to create a downhill centre for experienced downhill riders. There are now 10 different downhill routes, catering to all levels of downhill riders from Red grade upwards. Revolution Bike Park can be found near the village of Llangynog which nestles in Mid Wales’ beautiful Tanat Valley to the south of the Berwyn Hills.

Trail Centre Details

Revolution Bike Park is a downhill Bike Park in the Tanat Valley near Llangynog.

There are currently 12 downhill routes of varying difficulty. This includes three that are graded Red, five Black and four graded at the most difficult Pro grade.

  • A1- Freeride – RED
  • A2 – Red Downhill – RED
  • A3 – Reddy McRedface – RED
  • E1 – Main Line – BLACK
  • E2 – Ghetto Track – BLACK
  • E3 – L1 – BLACK
  • E4 – Poop Chute – BLACK
  • E5 – Colin’s Corners – BLACK
  • P1 – Ffar Side – PRO
  • P2 – 50/01 – PRO
  • Jump Line – Vision Line – PRO
  • Jump Line – Revit – PRO

Uplift is by landrover, and once you’ve paid for your uplift pass you can expect between 10 and 18 runs in a day


There’s a catering van on site, selling locally sourced produce. In the village of Llangynog you’ll find the New Inn Hotel, a number of B&Bs and numerous caravan parks.

Bike and Gear Hire

Saracen Myst AL 2019 downhill bikes can be hired for £75 a day. You can also hire full kit protection (helmet and goggles, neck brace, body armour and knee pads) for £35 a day or £10 per individual item. You’ll need to stump up for a daty pass as well.

Revolution Bike Park Opening hours

Revolution Bike Park currently opens Fri, Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays 10am – 4pm.
Mid-week bookings can be arranged but a minimum group size applies.

Parking and Fees

Parking is free, but you’ll need to pay for uplifts. You’ll need to book in order to ride. Prices are £36 a day or £72 for a weekend Uplift Pass (Saturday and Sunday), which includes unlimited uplifts in their landrovers.  You’ll need to book online.


MTB Routes at Revolution Bike Park – Llangynog

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