Llandegla Blue Route

Llandegla Blue Route

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Trail Summary:

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Ride Details

The Blue Route at Llandegla, like the Green Route, is aimed at beginners and families who are looking to test their skills. At 10km in length, it’s ideal for those with a higher level of fitness who want to get into mountain biking. Involving an initial ascent, the route finishes off with a proper descent to whet your appetite for some of the tougher trails.

According to One Planet Adventure:

This is a great route to try before embarking on the longer ‘Intermediate’ Route. It is still 12km in length, and there is a gradual climb up through the forest until it splits with the Intermediate Route at the top of the forest. Then comes the essence of what mountain biking is all about – you are rewarded for your uphill climb! There is a great route to be enjoyed back to the Centre – which is mostly comprised of gradual downhills – but interspersed with a few gentle uphill sections, just to keep you on your toes!


Ride Map and Elevation Profile

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Remember that you can download the GPX File for the MTB route above and use in your GPS device or on your favourite mapping app. We’ll have a run down of how to use GPX files on your MTB route soon. 

Base Summary: Llandegla Forest One Planet Adventure

Llandegla Forest is a privately run trail centre with rides for all abilities. It’s also close to Chester and so is easily accessible from the nearby cities of Liverpool and Manchester. There’s a fully stocket MTB shop, excellent cafe and MTB skills courses are available.

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