Ennerdale Short MTB Loop

Ennerdale Short MTB Loop

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Trail Summary:

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Ride Details

The Ennerdale Short MTB Loop is a short cylce on forestry tracks that takes you around half way up Ennerdale. Setting off intially along the north shore of Ennerdale Water before heading into the forest for around 6km before crossing the River Liza to return along the opposite side of the valley. The route crosses a ford ar Char Dub that’s usually dry as the water passes beneath it, only becoming a true ford when the river is in spate, and returns back on the same lakeside track.

Ennerdale Short MTB Loop –  Exploring the valley by bike allows you to see the whole of the valley in one day. From views over Ennerdale water to the majesty of Pillar and Great Gable, from the crystal clear waters of the River Liza to the history of ancient settlements.


Featured Image Credit: Photo by Bulletma9net on Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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Remember that you can download the GPX File for the MTB route above and use in your GPS device or on your favourite mapping app. We’ll have a run down of how to use GPX files on your MTB route soon. 

Base Summary: Ennerdale Mountain Biking Trails

Ennerdale can be found to the North West of the Lake Distrct National Park, near Whitehaven. Its a relatively unspoilt valley, with no facilities for tourists and is usually visited by the walker, mtbiker and occasional Coast to Coaster.

While there are no purpose built technical trails to be found, there are a number of bridleways off the fells that offer some exhilarating singltrack descents. The official routes explore either side of the wooded valley, a wilderness worth exploring.

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